Questions for Overseas Viewers

Hello, viewers!  I’d like to ask the readers overseas some questions for activity 8 of week 6 SBC.  Let’s get started!

  1. What type of food do you usually eat?  Lunch, snack, breakfast – it could be anything!
  2. What type of transportation do you use to travel daily?  Cars?  Bicycle?  Your own feet?
  3. Do you use any type of technology?  If so, then please tell me!  For instance, you could use a laptop or a tractor!
  4. What water source do you use?
  5. At school, what do you learn?  History?  Math?  Science?

Please answer in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Questions for Overseas Viewers

  1. Hello Hannah,
    I live in Australia and love it!
    I usually eat toast for breakfast, Fruit and buiscuits for recess and a sandwich for lunch.
    I normally use car for transport but occasianly walk.
    I usually use my iPad.
    At school we learn…. Everything, like maths, english, science, history, music and P.E.
    I hope you liked a little bit about Australia. Please visit my blog at:

    Bye, Annabel

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